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Originally Posted by Day Laborer View Post
I hate to burst everyone's bubble, but the link now says that the promotion is no longer available.
Also, after I received the card- I was told that I didn't qualify for the promotion.

So here is what happend:
I applied for AMEX over the phone a few days ago and asked about the promotion, operator put me on hold to verify with the membership rewards department that it existed. We then proceeded with the application and got my card a few days after that.

I called membership rewards department after getting the card~ and they said I didn't qualify for this promotion because I was not directly solicited to by letter mail.
I was pissed... Bait and Switch.
I called customer service back and demanded that they verify with the person that signed me up over the phone provide documentation to the membership rewards department that I signed up for this card on the premise of getting the promotion.

They noted my account and I called membership rewards to ensure it. They finally resolved it and apologized for everything.
They said that they would honor the promotion and noted my account again to ensure that I can call back after I spend 1000 dollars, that I would get the 75k points.

Hope this helps. Ensure to only sign up with a promotion code and that the representative puts a note into your account so that membership rewards cannot deny you the promotion.

I saw the same thing in sites before I signed up, it looks like it's just a matter of fighting for it, no problem here for that.