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Originally Posted by Fieldsy View Post
That sound... Not even watching just listening in the background.

Well done!
And here lies the problem in which most 335, 1M and proponents of a new turbo f80 m3 do not quite get. How much value does that glorious sound have on a day to day part of the drive? The visceral response it creates and the pure pleasure it gives you to listen to that every single time you drive the car is worth soooo much more to me than a car with more low-end torque as everyone says. I would take an m3 with a v8 anyday.

People underestimate what impact sound has on driving pleasure and face it, 99 percent of buyers buy it for day to day pleasure, not a race track. With that in mind, why that is never mentioned or hardly mentioned in talks about why turbos will really eviscerate the m3 on some level is beyond me!