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Originally Posted by manonfire View Post
It is going to fall under G-Prepared. I'm an instructor for NJ, NY and DelVal chapters. So I'll run mostly with the "east coast" BMW Clubs. I'll do some NASA events as well. Missed RA, shooting for Mid Ohio, or COTA in a few weeks. I'll end up doing VIR and Lightning towards the summer. Last year I instructed 25+ events. Did roughly 65 days testing and tuning. So, hopefully that pays off. The electrical were certainly a handful, but the car is pretty simple believe it or not.
That is more track time than I have seen in the past 4 years combined! 25 events is like half of the weekends in a year. That's more than most pros see! The seat time will pay off quickly. You are used to slower traffic already from running with the Destructor group and that's half the battle. I race an IP car, #9. I hope to see you out on track. Good luck!

ps - I should have said you would be a B-mod, not D, if you went the mod route.