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Originally Posted by thorny View Post
He finally comes back and says: "Did you modify the height of your vehicle?"
ME: "No, sir. Maybe slightly, by 5 mm" (Note: I am on KW Clubsports, but I am not slammed by any means!, I have what is considered normal for track duty. I also run 18" TE37SL with rears being very flush w/ fenders)

He busted out his tape measure and goes to measure something in front, then declares: "You are good".
At this point I am thinking, what else... But after this, he finally backed off.

I drove off with two citations, one for tint and one for the front plate (first time in 8 years for this bs). All my cars, but one have illegal front tint.

But, height!? C'mon California!
Originally Posted by ///M3THOD View Post
I got a ticket 2 months ago for a ///M logo black license plate frame in Atlanta, GA.

It was 7:30 in the morning, on the hwy and I was doing 67 in a 60, middle of 5 lanes, with the flow of traffic.. I was stopped for speeding and he wrote he a ticket for my plate frame, which he explained was illegal???

My windows have 20% on them and no comment was made, car is stock looking besides my titanium MORR's.

Cop remarked that he bet that my car got me into a lot of unnecessary problems.
Tickets for illegal tint I can understand. I don't envy LEOs who have to worry about getting shot during what would seem to be a routine traffic stop. They don't know if the driver is a parole violator, an ex-con, a drug dealer, high on meth, etc. If a cop can't see in the interior of your vehicle to see what you're doing as he approaches, he has to assume you're going to pull a gun on him.

But the vehicle height regulation is ridiculous. What's the purpose?

And as for the license plate frame, was it one that has a smoked plastic cover that obscures the plate? That's the only reason I can think of for getting a citation for a plate frame.
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