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Originally Posted by graider View Post
I think the new m3 will be the same engine as the the current 335i with more boost.
You can't possibly really think this can you?

I am not too surprised by this announcement.

If they go back to an inline 6 that makes the engine much longer and negatively affects weight distribution in the car. Having already jumped to a V8 in this series I think it would be very tough for them to go back to an I-6.

Personally I prefer the feel, sound and throttle response of NA. I haven't driven the 335i much, but I did find barely any noticeable turbo lag. I'm sure if I had a chance to beat on one at the track it would become more apparent.

I do think the car, when it goes FI, will still have a totally unique engine specific to just the M3. I think BMW will do something both unique and special. Despite all of the displeasure shown here I'll bet it will still be a fantastic car and one most of us will lust after. I'll also go out on a limb and predict a weight reduction compared to the current M3 which will be a great thing.

The initial negative reaction to change really is human nature and more specifically it happens like clockwork on EVERY SINGLE M3 release.