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TTBear ..Thanks for your comments. I will read your thread after this post. It's nice to read an owners perspective because you've driven both cars extensively so yes I can read your post without thinking you're a 'hater' or knocking the m3. And my question was a real honest question, I wasn't trying to knock the Lambo, not at all, I loved my experience in the car. It just wasn't what I expected. When you dream about a car since 6yo, had 10 Lamborghini posters on your walls groing up and then at 31 you finally get to drive it a lot of what you thought or imagined about that car goes away or is set straight. EXCEPT my time in the LP560-4 was so short that I still had more questions. My original question being one.
When I said the car was too easy to drive that was based on my expectation being different. To me driving the Lambo was like driving a really really fast go-kart. that's not a bad thing I just didn't expect that. Don't get me wrong I JUST DROVE A LAMBORGHINI and I'm still excited about that, I am but again I wasn't expecting that comparison.

And again my question wasn't about comparing there abilities so much as it is/was about the feel/experience. If you say that there is no comparison there ill take your word for it. Question though do you feel the power loads up in sharp corners with the AWD or was that me giving it too much gas? Thanks