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Originally Posted by w00tw00t View Post
It's the internet man...

Having been around the metaphorical internet automotive-world block a few times as a global forum if that thread reached 25 pages with 80% of the guys unmodded that's a concern. 3 pages of guys not wanting to pay for what they broke (it is a $8-12k rebuild to be fair) that doesn't surprise me at all and frankly as a statistical measure to extrapolate the likelihood of a GTR transmissions breaking it is meaningless.

I have heard all manner of sob stories from guys putting a rod through the block and trying to save up to buy a new motor. There were cars in shops for MONTHS while the owner saved up trying to pay for a new motor. Kid literally crying to me on the phone. It seems especially here in the states with our easy credit a few GTR owners stretched a bit too much and couldn't pay for broken parts and tried to seek warranty coverage. Certainly this was also the case with the transmission....
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