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Originally Posted by Dlpfcb View Post
There is definitely a time and place to eat like this if he is a high level elite athlete and the training load justifies it. I train around 70 miles a week of running, my pace for all these miles are under 7 minutes for the whole week with some speed days in the 4:40-5:00 mile range. An average person burns about 100 calories a mile running vs I burn only about 60 calories. So at 60- 70 calories a mile I have some days I have burned 3-4K calories between hours of running and daily burn. Runs this long require sugar and salt, thatís about it to keep going. Thatís why you watch The Boston marathon and Tour de France they are basically just consuming electrolytes, salt and sugar. Because thatís all you really need to keep going. So I can see why he eats a banana chocolate milk and cookies because that maintains your glycogen levels which is what you need to keep going after 90 minutes of high intensity activity. After 90 minutes of running your glycogen levels are depleted and you will start to cramp and massively fatigue which will put you in a daze real quick.

Now as far as after workout nutrition, that is absolutely a bad diet. If your not trying to lose weight you want make up that workout/calorie deficient with clean foods and carbs. Carbs are key for high level training athletes such as bikers and runners who workout for hours back to back with an elevated heart rate. I do not buy into the eat more meats etc. I train on a vegan diet and have been performing better than I have in my life.

Sorry for the novel but in short can he maintain with that diet yes because it all acts as fuel. But itís a whole different story what itís doing to everything else in his body from his muscles, heart health, blood sugar levels etc etc etc....the list could go on. Food is you fuel, whatever you put in the tank you get out. If you eat like garbage you get garbage results.

As you can see Iím passionate on the subject, I just see so many athletes that have the potential to reach amazing levels but wreck it by under eating or eating garbage just because they workout.

I always tell people that working out is the easy part....and that success/progress was 80%+ nutrition.

You sound like you know what your body needs. I always look at my meals as what next activity it will be fueling. I gave up personal training years ago because I got tired of people not listening...or guessing at things.

Just keep doing what they are doing and they look the same or worse year after year.
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