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Man this rb thread gets me scared as im looking to purchase an 100k 08 m3 this week from a dealer with original bearings �� im
Guessing but by the carfax has been super maintained
Maintenance is great for a car's overall health. Higher mileage cars that are taken care of can still be good ones, but when it comes to original rod bearings, it's worth it to knock them out and save a huge headache.
With this change are you just resetting the clock for the bearings to eventually wear out again and this will have to be done again at some pt? Or is this a one and done job where if someone puts 70k on the new set and pulled them they'd look flawless?
The latter. VAC or BE bearings should (and have, for other people who have done a RB job on track rat cars) come out and look flawless. $3k out the door for bearings, motor mounts, and taxes is reasonable given the labor involved, and should last the life of the car. Obviously the new motor mounts will deteriorate over time, but at least your motor should be bulletproof provided you do regular maintenance.
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