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Originally Posted by UncleWede View Post
He MAY build up some insulin resistance, but little about that diet seems too bad in terms of developing "the diabeetus" Depending on the fruit eaten, and its glycemic index, he may not really be doing much of the sugar spike. Bananas aren't that bad. Is the chocolate a dark choc, milk choc, or Snickers?
True. Plus a lot of people don't realize that the types of sugar can affect you in different ways.

Plain sugar = Sucrose.....= bad

Complex Carbs = Glucose.....= Glycemic Index plays a lot of factors here...also combining foods can affect the Index and the spike.

Fruit = Fructose......= Taken up by the liver preferentially before it spills over. So there is less of an impact on sugar spikes depending upon how glycogen depleted the liver and skeletal muscles are.

Now before anyone takes this the wrong way...I'm talking about real Fructose from fruit, not high-fructose corn syrup which is very bad for anyone. And Fructose will still affect sugar spikes, but to a much lower extent than the other two.

A lot of factors come into play such as how insulin resistant the person is, health of the pancreas, etc. So what I mentioned above shouldn't be taken as a "blanket statement".

I'm not a doctor, but someone who has grown up around diabetics all my life. Plus I have actually went through the process of testing myself years ago. I may be a nerd in that aspect, but seeing as I had access to free strips and a glucose monitor...and had always been involved with diet and exercise...I would "fast" and eat different foods, then test my glucose levels. I still have notebooks lying around somewhere with all this in it.

At the was just for my benefit as I was a fanatic about how dietary changes affected someone's insulin response, leptin levels, and thyroid output..... and how it all tied in with exercise.

But that was years ago...and I don't have nearly as much time for researching it as I used to.
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