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What is everyone doing for maintenance. I have always heard you need to send them in every so often and get them cleaned up.

I have had mine I think for about 15 years or so, wear it in the rotation quite often and have never sent it in for maintenance. Still works great.

I will share another funny now but sad story. I ended up really buying 2 Submariners. The first one I bought back in the day was when Ebay was fairly new. I wanted one so bad and bought one from Ebay. I "thought" I did all my homework and checking around. I think I paid like $2,500 or something. About 3 months after owning it The white dot at the 12 fell off. I took it into Ben Bridge to get it fixed. The guy there was looking at it for a bit and then he starting asking me where I bought the watch, I told him. He was really nice but said that most likely I got screwed. It took in the watch, had the tech look over it and sure enough I bought a really nice fake watch.

So the best part about the story (or worst) is I was so devastated and couldn't tell my wife that I ended up buying another one from a retail shop brand new. That is my sad ebay and Rolex story.

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