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Originally Posted by swamp2 View Post
If the SC package delivers more torque over that broad of an rpm range the hp must increase in about the same ratio. Have you seen a dyno run for the SC package. Could it be that the torque is onlydelivered so low in rpm that the peak hp is not affected much?
With SC engaged low to mid-range hp is increased, however peak hp of 480 is not exceeded. I have seen dyno sheets which validate this. The gains are modest, but worthy nonetheless. (Torque increases from 457 to 505.) Over-boost is achieved between 2100 and 4000 rpms. After 4000 rpms, boost tapers off until 5000 rpms where boost returns to the normal output. The only way to activate over-boost is by fully depressing the throttle (between 2100 and 4000). The car must be equipped with the OPTIONAL Sport Chrono package.

In most races, SC is relatively moot, as the revs never dip below 4000 rpms except from the dig. Although, SC is active while tapering down between 4000-5000 rpms, it can not be activated by merely dipping below 5000. The extra boost is only available for 10 second bursts, which is far more than what is needed.

The power of the turbo is so linear that you do not realize the extra torque/hp of SC. It justs feel like any time warp machine when you pin the go pedal.

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