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overall diameter should be the same (or very close) for any one size in different brand tires...for example 285/30 should have the same overall diameter regardless if its dunlop, nitto, etc...but rubbing is usually more related to width/sidewall differneces between sizes.

I just dont want the OP to get side tracked with "360 strikes again" blah blah blah...any wheel with an aggresive fitment will be tricky when trying to run an aggresive tire size as have to find the correct brand that will suit your needs...ask anyone running the extreme fitment bbs lm-r (i think thats the model) you need to run specific tires (meaning low side wall, etc), negative camber, etc to get them to fit without rubbing

btw 360 isnt the only company that doesnt release their offsets...MANY companys do the same