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South Korea

Drives: 2009 997.1 Turbo
Join Date: Jan 2012
Location: los angeles

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Username: kchu221
Region: SoCal
Dealership Name: Shelly BMW
Sales or Service: Sales
Name of Salesperson/Advisor: Yi-Wen Ting, Derek Dicker
Overall Experience (1 lowest 5 highest): 5
Work Performed/Attempted: lease
Recommended? (Yes or No): Yes
Additional Comments: at first i had an order with southbay BMW for a new m3, but the sales person i was dealing with didnt really know anything about the car so i was kind of iffy ordering with them, so i canceled the order and went to shelly as a referral, and they took care of me from step 1 till my car got here! i highly recommend them!