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Username: Memmezz
Region: Daly City , California
Dealership Name: Elite Motors
Sales or Service: Sales
Name of Salesperson/Advisor: Abe
Overall Experience (1 lowest 5 highest): 1
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Additional Comments: Sorry for the long review:

I bought a 2006 BMW M3 from Elite Motors on August 09, 2011. Where to begin with this company? I am from Los Angeles and flew down to take a look at the car with the intent to purchase if everything looked good. When I arrived I was greeted by Ayman ( I think that's how you spell his name) which I think was the manager. The car was sitting in the showroom and I slowly walk around the car to inspect it.

I ask Ayman if the car has ever been in an accident or had paint work done. He assured me it was never in an accident or had any type of work done to it. Regular people like me can't tell but people who work in the car business can tell just by looking at the car. I proceed to drive the car and then talk about numbers. We finally agreed on the price and I ended up buying the car. I had informed Ayman that the cars navigation disk was missing and he said he would buy one for me and ship it to my house, which he never did even after several attempts to contact him after I returned to Los Angeles. So now I am back home with this car and the nightmare begins.

Only 4 days passed before the check engine light came up on the dashboard and a strange noise came from the engine. I took my car to my trusted body shop of six years for him to take a look at it. He immediately took one look at the rear end of the car and told me both quarter panels had been painted. I become furious and ask if he can do an inspection on the car to which he agrees. He puts the car on a lift and raises it up. It turns out the car had been in a major accident and had been on a jig machine. For those of you who don't know a jig machine is used to weld metal perfectly. The car's frame had been worked on which is the worst type of accident for this car. So not only did Ayman lie to me about paintwork but also he sold me a car that had been in a MAJOR accident.

Back to the check engine light problem. The codes the car was sending out was that the engine was misfiring cylinder 4 and leaks somewhere in the car. After MONTHS of going back and forth to my body shop trying to fix the problem and clearing the codes I became fed up and decided to call Ayman. I got on the phone with Sam who told me Ayman is on vaction for a couple of months. I ask for a manager and he says he is out until Thursday and he would call me then. I explain the situation to Sam and he assures me the GM will call me by Thursday, which is in six days. Thursday comes and I receive no phone call. I call Sam and he says the GM will be in at 11am tomorrow morning. The next day still no phone call. Monday comes and I still don't get a call.

This place is just a big joke. No customer service whatsoever. I have invoices about these major problems I had only FOUR days after buying the car from Elite motors and I still don't get a call back. I gave this company a chance to redeem themselves and take care of the situation before I tarnish their reputation and take them to court. I gave them the courtesy to fix the problem just like I would appreciate a customer of mine to give me a chance to fix a problem instead of just firing away online.

I am sure some of these positive reviews of Elite Motors are fake. If anyone wants to see proof of me buying a car from elite motors and the multiple pages of invoices, problems, and repair bills dating four days after I bought the car, please do not hesitate to message me and I will email you all of this information.

I hate to see companies like this screw customer after customer. Elite Motors is nothing but a scam and I have proof. In the end my car has the same problems from the start and it will cost me THOUSANDS of dollars to fix. They will eventually pay when I take them to court but I hate to waste my time on such a lowlife excuse of a business. PLEASE STAY AWAY!!!