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Originally Posted by Templar View Post
I read the whole thread. Funny, you are making another bad recommendation, even though you are saying you didn't recommend anything, so now you've done it twice. Are you kidding me, lol?

And no, saying "medium weight and higher reps" does not imply the same effort. Spend more time hitting the books and less time in the gym staring at yourself doing curls in the mirror.

And I'm sorry to the OP for letting this idiot get to me, from now on the ignore function will be put to good use

I just hate it when people give bad advice to someone who is honestly trying to improve themselves. Good luck on starting your new lifestyle. Don't go too hard too fast, take it one step at a time.
If you read it and still don't understand it. I can do no more for you.
You are a natural moron.

EDIT: I took a quick look at your posts and it appears that all you do is be offer your caustic remarks and stir up argument.
You're just a 27 year old punk with either narcissistic tendencies or self confidence issues.
I won't bother with you.

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