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Originally Posted by Jank View Post
WOW... thanks everyone for all the ideas, comments and personal experiences. It's much appreciated.

I've been in Japan for week on business so my goal is to start working on my weight loss plan right a way. While sitting around various airports I downloaded an app for my iPhone that allows me to track my daily food intake and exercise. Once I get a good base line I'll post updated here.

Again, thanks for comments and ideas!
Excellent start! Understanding the current state and getting a baseline allows you to track progress and monitor results. This allows for adjustments as needed, and a way to see what works for you and what doesn't. Monitor progress (calipers and scale) every couple weeks and adjust as required. Not losing? Refer to and adjust using your food log and cut out 200-300 calories. Don't make drastic changes, the tortoise wins this race.

It sounds like you know what foods to avoid (good), but travel can make food choice problematic. However, you can eat well, it's a matter of making better choices. Get a chicken burger without a bunch of crap on it instead of a 1 lb burger. Add a salad, and don't put a gallon of dressing on it. Skip the fries. For a snack, eat a handful of roasted almonds instead of a candy bar. Cut out the soda. You get the idea. This isn't about perfect, it's about better.

Be prepared for the body to fight back. Understand this, accept it, and have a plan for it. Fat loss is just the start of the journey, sustaining and maintaining the loss is the rest of it.

Exercise? Do something you like and that fits in your life. If you hate it, you won't do it, and it just gives a reason to throw in the towel. Basically, move more. Don't sit for 8 hours a day. Move. Get up and walk around. Get a sit/stand desk. Anything to move more.