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Here's my $0.02: Some great advice on here and some....well not so great.

#1 - You admitted to the problem....well done!
#2 - Diet! Watch what you eat, spend most of the time at the grocery store in the fresh produce department. This doesn't mean you can't eat "bad" things, but save them for a here and there treat. Cut your portions down and eat 4-6 small meals a day to keep your metabolism going. When you go extended periods without eating, your blood sugar spikes, this may lead you to over eat during your next meal.
#3 - Exercise. Just get moving, don't listen to all these idiots arguing over weight vs. reps. What you need to do is move around, a lot! Quick workout in the morning, go for a walk at lunch, another workout in the eveneing (go for a jog). You don't need to join a gym. Doing pushups, situps, pullups, squats, ect.... is great to do in the morning. Running is free, the more you do it, the more it pays off and becomes fun. I suggest running with a friend or pet.
#4 - Stay away from gimmicy diets. These work great for a while but you are after a lifestyle change. I lost 65lbs on the atkins in less than 6 months (down to 5% bf), but guess what, it's not a lifestyle change and I gained some back.
#5 - A pill is not your answer. DO NOT use or beleive in those diet pills. They migh work in the beginning for a kick start, but are overall very unhealthy and can lead to heart problems. This goes for energy drinks too. If you must, at least ask your doctor if it's safe.
#6 - No alcohol! I wouldn't drink until you are comfortable with your body, it will only inhibit your goals. I'm not saying never drink, just not until you are happy with where you are at.

Someone mentioned it earlier....P90X will work wonders for a beginner who is out of shape and doesn't know where to start. Stick with the diet and program and you will see huge changes at the end of the 90 days. Don't get discouraged, most people will not see changes in 30 days (you may even gain weight), but it pays off in dividends in the end.

Once you finish the program, you will know where your body is and what to do to maintain. Crossfit and Insanity are a great "next" step or you can just do another 90 day cycle.

*I'm not a doctor, but I did sleep in a Holiday Inn last night.
** FYI - I'm 32 years old / 6'2" / 225 / 34" waist. I've been active my entire life. During an injury I blimped up to 260 and have been as low as 170. Everyone's body is different, I have too much muscle mass to weigh less than 190 and would look like a skeleton if I did. You have to find a weight/body size that you are comfortable with and maintain it.
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