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My 2 Cents, Coming From Experience!


and... Counting Calories

Up until a year ago I was always a pretty 'stocky' guy. Played ball in HS, etc. My average weight hovered around 200-210 @ 5'11". I tried running, riding mountainbike, cardio, cardio, cardio to get my bodyfat down.

I finally got sick of it so I started lurking on for some ideas.

The Diet
There is book called "The Rapid Fatloss Handbook" by Lyle McDonald. Basically the diet is a PSMF (Protein Sparing Modified Fatloss) diet. In short, you only intake about 800 cal. per day of protein and fats. I know this sounds crazy and I did cheat by going to the doctor to get some Phentermine for cravings. My start weight/BF was 217lbs @ 27% BF, I have done 2 6-week stints of this diet and I am down to 180lbs @ 15% BF.

On a side note, in the book, Lyle does a calculation of how much cardio you would have to do to lose the same amount of fat as just dieting down, it was a retarded amount! You would basically be living on a treadmill!

During the Diet
I did absolutely NO cardio. I did not even train the first week (even dropped 3-4 lbs of fat the first week). I felt more adjusted the second week so I went to the gym. I basically cut my workout in half because I thought I was going to pass out. Really, I only trained to minimize muscle loss. You are taking in alot of protien on this diet so it does help minimize muscle loss even without time at the gym.

Off the Diet
Still to this day, I only do cardio for fun which is gained though mountainbiking (mainly anarobic), I refuse to run in one place for an hour. I still eat healthy for the most part. I eat carbs in the morning and sometimes lunch, I try to stay away from them at dinner.

I will more than likely try 1 more 6 week cycle to try to get to 12%-13% BF but it really gets hard at this level!

This is the fastest, safest way to do it, with the easiest adjustment back to reality when you are done. You can do it without apetite supressants. If you can, you are hardcore!