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Originally Posted by Spool View Post
I had 2 Hold'em table going, and i employed 2 hot chicks to deal for me and take in rakes and tips, and i had a black jack table going...i did it 3 nights a week and avg revenue per night was 2K after paying off the girls and providing food and drinks for the degenerates...i got greedy, then later on i started doing tournaments and letting people i didnt know come to play, did that for 7 months and racked up a lot of money. Then the cop must've had an informant playing in the game and they came knocking with the swat team...scariest thing ever...this was back in 04, that turned my life upside down...but i never gave up, realized the only job i could get now is in the car business so that's what i do...
Hollllyyy. In these types of situation, did you have to pay back your gains?!