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Air intake simple mod

I live in cold and wet holland (Europe) and sometimes when i drive off...i see a spray of water coming out of my supposed air intake on the hood...

How can water come flying out of the intake when i pull up hard?

When i got my 2000Km service i got a good look at the intakesystem when te car was on the bridge.

I was supprised to see that the left front hole in the bumper is also an air intake. And that when the car is up in the air you can look through the intake in the bumper and look out through the 'intake' on the hood.

I know the Ram air concept...but the 'intake' or maybe better the 'exhaust' on the top of the airbox makes you lose pressure...Right?

So i taped the hole....i'm gonna do some more High speed runs tonight...maybe it makes a differance.

You can't test it on the dino...I have a stretch of highway where i normally can't go faster then 310KM/H with my E92 M3.

I'll keep you posted