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Noise persist after differential oil being changed twice (83 22 2 282 583)

Unfortunately for me the differential oil change as not solved the differential turn noise, is still present after changing it for the third time… this noise was not present before the break-in oil change…
As per concessionary suggestion, I have already changed differential oil twice, they called 422520 CHG and they stated that is part number 83 22 2 282 583.. And they told me if the noise didn’t go away in the next 500 kms they will have to change my differential part….
For me that’s unacceptable choice… changing a part for a brand new car??? So my new car will be made in Chile instead of in Germany????? I had to drive the 2000 kms to end the break in period, then I had to add it 1000 kms to make the noise go away, then another 1000 kms to try make the noise go away and to know I have a good car… that’s just crazy….
Any suggestions? My concessionary seems to be a joke and it’s the biggest one in Chile ….