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1. A camera is a light tight box with a hole in it.
2. It's a little bit the fiddle, much more who holds the bow.

Look at Nikon and Canon, buy what is most comfortable. For me that was a Nikon at the time, and with my collection of glass, I won't be looking at Canon any time soon. The new D3 is a leap past the Mark III whatever, and may be my next camera, idk.

The poster that questioned whether Canon or Nikon are it? No, the Mamiya and Hasselblad digital are FAR superior. Be ready to plunk down $35k+ for what you'd get from Nikon/Canon for $5k. Sure the Nikon / Canon leave a lot on the table compared to Mamiya or Hasselblad, but not $30k.

Compared to other 35mm format bodies and lenses, I have not seen any other mfg come consistently close to what Nikon or Canon produce.

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