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There are other options than Canon or Nikon, but the fact is virtually every professional photographer uses one of the two. In sports, the vast majority are shooting Canon. The 1D MKIII being the preferred choice for those that can obtain it.

I have no doubt the Nikon D3 will be a great camera. But you won't see many people jumping Canon's ship if it means investing in a bunch of new glass. Some will, but they're fools to do so in my opinion.

Just go to a photography store and mess around with the models. Learn about the specifics, find what you like and need. For me, it's Canon.

But I/we digress. This topic turned to a different area of discussion, which is why I posted what I did above. The Canon 1D line and its other brand equivalents are not something that many amateur photographers are going to be buying, or needing. Lenses are the most important for amateur photographers.