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Originally Posted by stefan View Post
Weird, isn't it? On paper the E92 M3 was amazing, and I did enjoy it while I had it. But I realized the E36 is just more of what I'm looking for. Yeah it's a little rough around the edges, but that's ok. The real telling moment was when I stepped out of the E92 and got into the E36 to test drive it. My immediate thought was "raw". More specifically, the steering was just immediately better. I got back into the E92 resenting its size and steering feel.

The only real issue I have with the anemic USDM E36 is the power, and I'll be addressing that this weekend or next. VF supercharger is sitting here ready for install!
Perfect steering, perfect brakes, light weight, no body roll, nimble, these are all words that describe the e36 not the e92 and not even the e46. I had a set of h&r on that car and it handled better then anything I've driven. Loved that car.
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