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Originally Posted by Josh1a1h View Post
Sorry to pester/remind you... Any close up pics of those carbon skirts?

What power is yours brother turbo pushing?
Carbon Skirts on which car? The Gtr and 335 both have them. I can shoot some pix tonight

The 997 is on a stock motor so we have to be careful as they hold about 900wheel on a dynojet.

We bascially have it tuned for that but run the boost lower 99% of the time to make the motor last till we build it

Originally Posted by TK-421 View Post
Damn I'd love to hear a 997TT with an external, especially if it has an open dump.
We re actually going to do some 60-130 testing tonight and i plan on strapping a gopro right on by the exhaust

Car is 100% catless. Race headers, exhaust is a 4' wide / 12' long straight pipe and the WG are open.... not even a dump tube lol

Thing just sounds retarded