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Originally Posted by erm324 View Post
I'm very tolerable to sound - I've ran the Meisterschaft GT2 on my car with a catless Gintani xpipe. Then I switched out the Meisterschaft GT2 for a Gintani sport catback because I couldnt handle to rasp/drone. So suffice to say I love loud exhausts.
The only thing you have to worry about with the Gintani race and a full catless xpipe is the drone at low RPM. It wont rasp or sound over the top annoying like my MeisterschaftGT2/catless Gintani did (I think this setup sounded horrendous because of mixing and matching - it was extremely raspy and raw; making downshifts sound like gunshots and mashing the pedal sound like a nascar). The Gintani race with catless xpipe will be LOUD though. I would not run it on my car if its a DD because the drone would start getting under my skin after a while Personally I think its the best sounding loud exhaust setup for this car, but I'd rather have a little quieter of an exhaust and be able to hear myself think in the drivers seat
Yeah, i've been on the fence about it. The drone does get to me now sometimes, if i'm cruising in 6th, around 70mph, i have to turn the radio up to hear my songs and can't hear my kids from the back seat sometimes. but overall i do love the exhaust sound. I just keep hearing you have to remove the primaries to get any "real" power..............although i REALLY want to go the SC route! Just trying to justify it