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Originally Posted by Tim B. View Post
Hmmmm, wish i knew what you considered "extremely loud", cause right now i'm running a Gintani Race rear section with a Challenge Street x-pipe(deletion of secondary cats) and i'm thinking of going to a Challenge Race x-pipe to delete the primary cats(for a bit of a power bump). My setup now is not too loud but does have a bit of a drone and a deep rumble around 2-3k rpms, which is good, but does make your head vibrate at times and shake the dishes in the house when starting up Not sure i wanna go "extremely loud" though
I'm very tolerable to sound - I've ran the Meisterschaft GT2 on my car with a catless Gintani xpipe. Then I switched out the Meisterschaft GT2 for a Gintani sport catback because I couldnt handle to rasp/drone. So suffice to say I love loud exhausts.
The only thing you have to worry about with the Gintani race and a full catless xpipe is the drone at low RPM. It wont rasp or sound over the top annoying like my MeisterschaftGT2/catless Gintani did (I think this setup sounded horrendous because of mixing and matching - it was extremely raspy and raw; making downshifts sound like gunshots and mashing the pedal sound like a nascar). The Gintani race with catless xpipe will be LOUD though. I would not run it on my car if its a DD because the drone would start getting under my skin after a while Personally I think its the best sounding loud exhaust setup for this car, but I'd rather have a little quieter of an exhaust and be able to hear myself think in the drivers seat