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Originally Posted by erm324 View Post
Its a great sounding axleback. In terms of loudness its just as (if not louder) than the meisterschaft gt2, with a much more american muscle tone to it. The axleback is not overwhelming, I say go for it. Pairing it with a catless xpipe down the road however will make it extremely loud!
Hmmmm, wish i knew what you considered "extremely loud", cause right now i'm running a Gintani Race rear section with a Challenge Street x-pipe(deletion of secondary cats) and i'm thinking of going to a Challenge Race x-pipe to delete the primary cats(for a bit of a power bump). My setup now is not too loud but does have a bit of a drone and a deep rumble around 2-3k rpms, which is good, but does make your head vibrate at times and shake the dishes in the house when starting up Not sure i wanna go "extremely loud" though