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Originally Posted by Jrollsp View Post
I dyno'd 401whp on a dyno dynamics running on 100/91 blend. My mods are listed in my sig. I haven't raced a c63 yet but I beat the previous body style E55 & E63 from a roll.
This thread is weird and bizarre to me. The last race I saw between a C63 and a 4dr M3 DCT was the M3 (my friend) beating the C63 2 cars up to maybe 90mph.

As for E55 versus M3, I used to own an E55 AMG, in my mind there's no way the M3 is faster from a roll, the e55 had 500ft/lbs of torque I used to pull on E60 M5's all the time (freeway speeds) and as far as I have seen the E60 M5 and E92 M3 is about even. Correct me if I'm wrong!
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