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Aren't you suppose to pump it with the goo first then tighten the cap and drive off so the goo will rotate inside and seal the hole for a while?
You beat me to it. That's exactly right. People should when they buy a car; just saying .

By the way, the best solution for a flat for me is a Stop'n Go tire repair kit. Already tested my 7-yr-old kit, and brought me home over 300 miles (at 80 mph), something no donut or runflat could have done. And I had TPMS and the safety of a full size tire. Can't beat that, but to each his own. A runflat can only roll 50 miles deflated, and collapses after 100. Plus only specialized shops can handle them. And nobody carries them in M3 sizes, so you're talking days with the car disabled. They're NOT for traveling IMO.