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Originally Posted by 415Banker View Post
Now here's my question to you guys, lets just say you were in my shoes after being dished an insult of that level...would you kept quiet still? Wouldn't have you escalated this to the governing body of Ebay? Even a little mouse cornered in the kitchen by a cat would try to fight back.

I would've gone off quietly and sucked up the fees if this was handled by them professionally. I would know because being on the other side as a vendor, I do this on a day to day basis when I deal with RMAs all day long. In fact, we don't even have restocking fees. We even take in returns when we knowingly see damage done by the customer's negligence. We do this to avoid erupting customers. They chose to not get off the high horse, and I charged back. Cardinal rule amongst retailers, NEVER insult customers. It can be used as grounds for harassment in court. Obviously, I didn't take that route with them as a customer, but I was just not going to let them go that easily either.

They lost it in the end which anyone in the business should NEVER do. I've dealt with more strenuous situations in our arena, and never would I try to personally attack a customer. As I mentioned earlier, the vendor could have easily won this, but I went for the charge after the attack. Because of that slip up, that is why Ebay sided with me on this one.

I've spoken with other vendors today who are forum sponsors. We all agreed. I was initially at fault, but the final outcome was that the cardinal rule was broken. As one of the sponsors said, "how dumb do you have to be to go after a guy and tell him his IQ is low." Unfortunate for this vendor that he didn't know I know how to play with the rules. Because he already insulted my son (in a response he made to my negative feedback to him by saying we hope he does not breed), all the more I will not tolerate anyone talking $h!t about my family.

It's not impossible to cover for a return's $5 shipping cost especially having a restocking fee that high. As a power seller, he has the volume to cover certain incidentals like this. The company I work for has a medium level volume on retail and high level volume on wholesale. Day in and day out, we get returns. We don't charge restocking fees, but we manage to stay in the black all the time. So to say that $5 is trouble for them is a load of crap. My compromise was to pay for the restocking fee, but not for the return shipping cost knowing its feeble for them to begin with. Now because he insulted not only me but my family, Ebay went ahead and given me a full refund.

Just today, I get a call from a customer saying he wants his money back after ordering a E46 bumper from our website. I asked him why? "I made a mistake. I thought I ordered a E39 bumper for my E39." And since the bumper wasn't shipped out yet I said, "No problem. I can ship out a E39 bumper for you." He then responds, "No thanks. I decided not to make to complete the purchase because I didn't realize I have a bill to pay." Guess what I said? "No problem, sir. I'll refund you the money and just keep us posted when your financials have been taken cared of." Do I get an award? Nope. But one thing for sure, I know he'll come back to us.

That's customer service. When I could have easily said. "Sir, that's a load of crap. It's not our problem you didn't balance your checking account right. You're stupid of thinking of modifying your car when your tight on money. Which state do you live in? Texas? Man, you guys think too BIG there. I'm still gonna send you the bumper."
You know why he reacted the way he did? Because he is sick and tired of idiots not reading his descriptions, and he has to eat the cost. Is his response good customer service? Of course not. Is it warranted? Absolutely.

Why on earth would he pay for the return shipping if YOU made the mistake? It is YOUR responsibility to ship it back since you ordered the wrong item. 20% restocking fee is reasonable, since he had to pay his employee to get the item off the shelf, pack it, and ship it to you. Now his employee has to receive your return, unpack it, examine it, and then put it back on the shelf.

Next time just read the COMPLETE for sale post, that way you can save yourself and the seller this headache.