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Originally Posted by m630 View Post
you had noted earlier that you felt that the transmission felt like it was bogged, which i take to mean that the shifts were not instantaneous, which is what may be felt if the drivelogic is the default S3 setting, but in S5 if you get the feel down, you can do it in such a way that you wont realize the change. I know its impossible to describe, but it just a feel you have to develop just like when you first learned a traditional manual. You do need to get to learn how and when to shift, but it doesnt take any measurable time to be honest. Im sure that most people who've enjoyed driving manuals can pick it up rather easy--but again, you are not going to get that from driving a test around the area or even on a weekend, but it does get "natural". if you were on LI some time, Id gladly drive you around and you'd be happily surprised to not notice the shifts---that is until you WANT to feel them, which I promise you that you will in certain situations, though that is totally up to your driving desires
Do you always shift it manually or let the car do it?