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i am a physician and see this as a common complaint. everyone's body is a bit different so what works for one person may not work for another, but here some things i can share :

1. eat in regularly spaced intervals throughout the day, about every 6-8 hours. by starving yourself you are sending a message to your caveman brain there is no food around, so your body will hold on to what it can instead of burning through it.

2. water, water, and more water - you don't need juice/gatorade/milk etc, these are all just full of calories and sugar. low sugar options like kombucha, gatorade g2, and unsweetened teas are ok.

3. try not to snack -- save your calories for your mealtime. if you do want to snack find a low calorie option like baby carrots, pickles, an apple or something. don't go for a bag of chips

4. ok to have sweets every now and then, we are all human - a good option is having things that take time to eat. things like jolly ranchers take time to eat, while a candybar or reeses we can inhale in a minute. peeling an orange takes a bit more work and is less calories than pouring a glass of OJ. if you are a chocolate fan go for a higher quality dark chocolate option thats 70%+ rather than a hersheys bar

5. we put on weight through the addition of carbs usually. chemical bonds of carbon-hydrogen-oxygen. this is the same for fats, they are just long chains of this for more efficient storage of this chemical energy. So how do we lose this ? you don't lose the fat by pooping, peeing or sweating. You lose it by breathing. we exhale the carbs or fats as CO2 + water. So the more breathing you do (exercise) the more weight you lose. each breath is a little bit of fat being burned off.

6. try to avoid stress. i know, easier said than done. But if you are in a constant state of bad stress/anxiety it raises a hormone called cortisol which leads to a host of issues including weight gain or difficulty losing weight

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