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S2000s here at least are still >10k for a non-riced one. 944s are notoriously complicated, unreliable, expensive, and a PITA to work on. An E36 M3 could be a good thing to consider, but prices are starting to rebound for decent examples of those as well. You could get lucky. I'm not sure of your definition of sporty, but if you're into cheap parts and DIY labor, how about a fox body Mustang 5.0? They respond well to mods, parts are cheap and plentiful, and they can be made to go like stink. Your military buds will likely think it's "badass" too.

It's unfortunate you're ruling out the Miata because of what others will think of you, because really that seems to fulfill your criteria. Drive what makes you happy, not what will make others happy. Never understood the security/insecurity people get from the cars they drive, but whatever.

A more risky recommendation might be a B5 S4. At 10k you're looking at one with over 80k, and likely in need of some maintenance. I have no personal experience with them, but many swear by the K04 upgrade as being acceptably reliable.