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And this is coming from a fellow NJ member? Not to be a pretentious prick, but research or visit my town (07760) and you'll quickly realize that my username is an inside joke. Not a reference to where I live. In fact, the total opposite of the spectrum and to be honest, quite embarrased about the "Jersey Shore" show. So don't judge me by my username, Chief.

You've posted 500+ times and you've JUST experienced that sarcasm is evident on the message boards? Relax, keyboard warrior. It was a joke. An attempt at humor. A jest. Witticism...

Now back on topic

EDIT: Not that it matters to me, but I do find it quite humorous that you decided to rate my M3 in my garage a 1 in retaliation. You truly are a keyboard warrior lol
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What a DB...having said that, I wanted to look at the ratings for your car and accidentally clicked on the 1* rating!