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Originally Posted by TrackRat View Post
There is no team order controversy because there are no team orders.

The media needs something to fill white space and the fanbois need something to bitch about or they'll forget F1 exist. SOS, DD.

Carry on.
This reply leads me to think that you didn't even see the race. The team order was obvious, only short of directly saying, "let Alonso pass".

I'll agree the media gets carried away with many things, but today it's with good reason. Just when I give Ferrari credit for having such fast cars, and good drivers the team blows it by sending a team order.

Answer me this, If Alonso was so much faster, why didn't he simply pass Massa under normal racing circumstances. From a driver and team joint perspective, Massa doesn't really have a chance at the DC. But Alonso really doesn't either. I think once Mclaren gets their upgrades in order Ferrari will be fully back into 3rd place. So from a team perspective only, the result is exactly the same either way.

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