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Originally Posted by scalbert View Post
Where in Georgia have you been? While I would certainly not say there is no racism, it is not as you seem to suggest. Keep in mind, Atlanta is over 50% black as are several other cities in the area. We even have some towns now that Hispanics are now the majority. So I am truly curious where all you have been in Georgia and if this perception is based on an small sampling.

BTW, this is not in defense, but rather to gain an understanding of your perception.

But to go a bit further, I am white and there are some parts I would simply not be welcome in. Made a wrong turn in Thomasville, GA one time and it was a quite interesting experience.
Spent a full week in Atlanta, going back and forth to Augusta, with stops in a few smaller towns to play golf.

We were exposed to some very deep rooted racism throughout our visit. Was shocking and appalling to us to see it so out in the open.