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Originally Posted by FrenchBoy View Post
Thanks Lucid. Great write-up.

One question about the anti-rattle clip. I am very familiar which changing brakes pads as I have done it many time on my E46 325Ci. Overall, seems to be a similar setup.

The anti-rattle clip looks quite different though and seems trickier to remove. Do you have input or close-up shots on how it is attached and how to removed.

I am installing Carbotech XP10 in about a week for a track day.
Take a minute to observe the clips when you remove the wheels. How they are compressed will become obvious. You just need to apply force to further compress them and they will pop out. I use a couple of relatively big screw drivers to bend them around. Some prying might be necessary.

Also, see below for JAJ's method:

Originally Posted by JAJ View Post
The easiest way to get the front anti-rattle clip out is with a giant pair of water-pump pliers. Cover the jaws with tape to avoid scratching the paint and just stick one jaw through the hole and the other jaw on top of the caliper body. Squeeze gently and the clip just slips out.