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Originally Posted by e90im View Post
Blip killed 3k Americans in one day on Bush's watch. If he is such a minor issue, how come we can't get him? Saddam killed HIS people and we went after him for "humanitarian" reasons. Bin Laden killed our own and he's NOT important?!?

Iraq war is organized transfer of wealth from Joe Shmo to corporate America. It is a great business model.

Enemy is invented, then personified by a ruthless dictator. This leads to cash cow called war.

Bush is incompetent for the job he's supposed to be doing. He is good for war profiteers, NOT for average Americans.

Scare tactics that you are promoting also work great. Carl Rove style...
Your missing the point...I am not saying that Bin Laden isn't important. The reality is that he shouldn't have been a free man when Bush became president. Clinton had multiple chances to arrest, kill, etc...and did nothing he was too busy being popular to do his job. But that's another story. He's just a blip on the map in a much, much larger story.

To stay on topic the point I was making is that we now live in a world economy. A world that is very interconnected. As we speak the majority of civilized nations are or have already moved toward Democracy. Democracy is not a the way. I have lived and worked in other countries and I have seen the dif. in governments. We have it good, very good.

It's not to say the details of the war, how much it is costing, the loss of life, etc...isn't important. It is very important. But with that said America as we know it, depends on us winning it. I think Bush made some serious mistakes going in to this war, but we are there now. And the reasons for the war reach far beyond the latest news, which is also driven by special int. groups.

And as far as scare tactics, that's a joke...The issues I pose are very real. Look at the Soviet Union...once one of the largest most powerful nations in the world...broken appart, sent into financial turmoil, etc... in a matter of a few years. Think about it. Our way of life here in America is not as concrete as 90% of Americans would like to believe.