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Originally Posted by Aerix View Post
Actually Bin Laden is just a blip on the map...and Bush is smarter than you think. He understands what his job is. It's not to be's to protect our way of life, and our ability to protect this country. Without a resonable control of the worlds oil supply we can not protect either. Look at the big picture...not just what's going on right now. President Bush believe it or not is right in saying history will judge what I have done. If we pull out of Iraq we will loose all...I just met with 6 CEO's of major companies 1 of which was from Japan, and 1 of which was from India. We all agree that the U.S. must continue the world movement towards democracy, and that we must control a reasonable amount of the worlds oil to secure a balanced world economy.

Blip killed 3k Americans in one day on Bush's watch. If he is such a minor issue, how come we can't get him? Saddam killed HIS people and we went after him for "humanitarian" reasons. Bin Laden killed our own and he's NOT important?!?

Iraq war is organized transfer of wealth from Joe Shmo to corporate America. It is a great business model.

Enemy is invented, then personified by a ruthless dictator. This leads to cash cow called war.

Bush is incompetent for the job he's supposed to be doing. He is good for war profiteers, NOT for average Americans.

Scare tactics that you are promoting also work great. Carl Rove style...
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