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Originally Posted by Taittinger View Post
Yes we have lost wars; the strategic goal of any war in order to win is to destroy the enemies' will to fight; positive casualty rate is only a statistic and does not really have any tactical or strategic value. Wars are not decided by body count. Germany had fewer casualties in WW2 compared with the allies, in particular the USSR but very decidedly lost the war. It is not a computer game.
While they had fewer casualties, they did lose many battles. Though I agree with the breaking of the the enemies will. Though is it the public or soldiers will that must be broken? In today's world and events, it will probably be the public's will that must be broken is the more important one( how much longer would Vietnam would of lasted without the media exaggerating how we "lost" the Tet offensive and turned public opinion around).

Frankly though post-WWII, the American will to fight is too fragile. Part of the reason is probably the media being able to show body bags, etc so the reality of how many troops are dying( imagine if the media was able to show similar images that were shown in Vietnam during WWII, would the American will to fight be broken easier?) sets in with the publics mind. We have been fed that our military is the greatest military in the world. It's true, as I said in my first post the enemies we're facing in Iraq today can't defeat our military. We're killing more of them then they are killing us. It's just this superiority has given the mentality to the public that we're invincible. So when something goes wrong and 5 soldiers die instead of the usual 2 lets say, it causes the American public to go into "panic" mode and wants to cut our losses and bring the troops home.