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We have never lost a war against another enemy, we lost to ourselves

Talking in school about wars/conflicts past Vietnam has made me realize something. The enemies are not defeating us. We're killing more of them then they are killing us. The main( or one of them at least) strategy in war is to maximize the casualties to your enemy and minimize your own. We did that in Vietnam, Somalia, Iraq, etc. The enemies can't defeat our military( as of now).

What caused us to leave Vietnam, Somalia and soon Iraq? Not horrible coalition/American casualties, but the enemy able to defeat the American will power. Since WWII, we have led ourselves to believe we can swoop in kill all the enemies with no casualties on our side. That the U.S is invincible and no one can defeat us. So when something goes wrong which results in an "unusual" amounts of casualties, we just get wimpy and say pull out which then will keep the enemy fighting as they know with American will power gone, the troops will soon leave. We defeat ourselves, the enemy just has to wait it out for the Americans to give up.

I am in no way in support of Iraq or Bush. Iraq was a total mistake as it distracted us from the real person we should be pursuing( Bin Laden) and Bush is a total idiot.