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Originally Posted by Patrón View Post
i've concluded the opposite.
What is your conclusion? Are you making the argument that DCT costs substantially more on the used market than 6MT or that people who are buying brand new M3s cannot afford the DCT option?

Originally Posted by DSilk View Post
You are both drawing conclusions based upon, well nothing really. The price difference between the DCT and manual was small when the cars were new, and remains small in the used car market (with the DCT being slightly more costly when new, and manuals commanding a slight price premium over similarly-equipped DCT cars on the used car market). The performance difference is also relatively small on the street, but meaningful on the track. However, few of our cars are dedicated track cars and most of us purchased a car with the transmission we personally prefer for the sort of driving we mostly do, whether it be paddle shift or stick shift. Each transmission has its benefits and disadvantages, and as long as each of us is happy with our own choice this debate is pointless.
That's pretty much exactly what I said.