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Originally Posted by oneginee View Post
Now I understand why BMW denied me a DY just a month ago. They reserved it for this special edition joke. Sure I like these adds on but I think they should have been available as OEM from the start or maybe 2010 model year available OEM options but not markup type exclusivity. One or two US tuning shops got factory DY as a special favor two months ago. BMW marketing is mixing legitimate exclusivity with wait and markup type of exclusivity. I bet they will have this available in the US just wait and switch marketing game. This to me just adds arrogance to the brand name which is already tainted by it. Listen to me BMW: How about a DCT fixed special edition ? or a CSL ? bastards.
I'm not entirely clear as to what policies are regarding custom colours with BMW, but it would really surprise me if they victimised you personally. Again, I don't know their policies and I certainly don't know what happened in your particular case, but I doubt BMW the company had it in for you in particular.

Not knowing their cost structures, I can't comment much more, but I feel that a great number of things should be no-cost options. But we seem to happily pay for most other things already. Crap like USB interface, comfort access and so forth. I'm not saying they _should_ charge for these things, but it doesn't seem out of the ordinary for them to do so.

Originally Posted by oneginee View Post
It is a rip off because the added cost for BMW to produce these is almost non existant
Well, it's your money and you can feel how you like about spending it. All I'm saying is that if you were to make your own M3 look like this - providing they let you have the colour - it would cost at least this much. And from that standpoint, it's not a rip off.

Regarding the marketing game, I'm not sure what's going on. While I like the look of the "Edition" M3's I feel it's confusing. There will soon be an LCI on the E92 and E93 and so why introduce this now? Why not do so afterwards? The only answer I can think of is that they've got too many pre-LCI bits left due to not having sold as many M3 coupes as they had hoped and now need to flog the last few off. Since it will be hard (to sell pre-lci) after showing everyone an LCI at Frankfurt (end of Sept) they've come up with some rather weak incentives for people to snap up the last of the pre-lci cars.

You can call this arrogance or whatever you like, but I feel they're in trouble with M3's and 3 series in general. I read some where that the next generation 3-series will be introduced a year ahead of schedule - 2011 - due to weak sales of the current model. When the board decides something major like that, there will be f*ck ups. Sadly, I think M3 fans will be short-changed by it.

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