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Okay, from the BMW UK configurator and the Evolve site:

19" oem = +1,240 UKP
Individual paint = +775 UKP
Eibach springs = +228 UKP (need to add fitting costs)

I can't find any UK site for the exterior bits, but from
Side markers (matte black) = 64.99 USD
Front grille (matte black) = 69.99 USD
64.99+69.99 = 134.98 USD = 79.74 UKP

Just these three add up to 2,322.74 UKP

The "Edition" package adds 2,500UKP so that's -177.26 UKP difference which amount to about 300 USD (nearly exactly).

Now the Eibachs are relatively cheap - one could go with H&R or Dinan, then you'd have to figure in install costs. So even if you do it yourself, the 300 USd difference will be swallowed up pretty soon. You'd still have to get some mirror covers (if you want it exactly like the "edition") and powder coat the wheels. Still you might not get Dakar yellow or the Monte Blue. And the black exhausts.

Basically, IMHO, it's not as huge a rip-off as many may feel.