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Originally Posted by EricFother View Post
For me it boils down to money. While I can afford $55K or so for a Vette, $65K+ for the M3 is just outside my budget. I'm sure that I could order a car with only a couple of options and be closer to $60K+....but I'd always feel I was "shorting" myself. Believe me...if they were closer in price, there would be no contest...The M3 is just spectacular.

Getting back to the main topic...since the cars seem to be so close in the 0-60 race, I think the deciding factor is going to be the driver.
that is your choice, I can afford either vehicle, and my choice is the C6.

Like you said it's down to preference.

But when it comes down to just performance.

Stock for stock

a M3 will never be able to stay with a Vette.
Equally matched drivers, the M3 will always see the tail pipes of the Vette.

As the thread said which is faster a C6 or M3

let's see what's faster than a M3, 2 vehicles in this comparo

Low and behold, the C6 is faster than those vehicles, hence it's faster than the M3

that was a LS2 without the steering, engine and transmission improvements, I'm sure the LS3 will cut a couple of seconds off those times.

a member who has driven both cars wrote:

The Nurburgring even have a 335 convertable (my wifes) to compare it with

On a race track, the lighter C-6 will prevail hands down, the 436 HP
make it closer to a M-6 a Ferrari 430 is just marginally faster,

The reason I am buying an M-3 is as a daily driver, period it is a different car
the C-6

If you are planning on a drag race, don't tell the guys in Munich They will cringe and hope you buy something else

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