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Originally Posted by herbz View Post
no. steering feel is not "subjective" by any means. steering feel has nothing to do with magazine editors' "opinions". its a fact, much like 1/4 mile times, brake distances, and road grip. steering feel is the reason the M3 (and all BMW's for that matter) have dominated the luxury sport segment. and it's also the reason why infiniti and lexus and MB have all had to play second fiddle to BMW for years.

go drive an e30 and even an e46 feels numb. in turn, an e90 feels numb compared to an e46. the new m3 is no longer a dedicated track machine believe it or not. you have to configure the computer and memorize all these buttons to be able to get the best performance out of it. whereas any old M3 had none of these crazy electronic settings and drove great right out of the box. the same way for everyone.

and PS the only thing really subjective about cars is looks / interior.
I'm always curious about quotes like this above... I've got a friend who owns an E36 M3 (3.2) and his steering feels overboosted compared to my E90. I let my friend, in turn, drive my car and he was pretty impressed on how tight and direct the steering felt.
I'm not saying that my E90 is better than the E36 or that it can out handle it. Since my buddies car is over 10years old, his particular E36 might have some steering related issues...