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Originally Posted by LarThaL View Post
All great roads, but some of the best are just named country roads that have no real route number. Best thing to do is to just plan a drive, post it up and see who signs up/shows up. Too big a group can be problematic also because you draw unwanted attention. When I did this with the Audi crew years ago, we had to break up into smaller packs in certain segments to avoid unwanted attention.

BTW...OP, where in MA are you?
Yeah I agree, but since this is the first time doing it, I thought including more familiar roads would be best. Also, there are destinations to most of them so everyone can bring their spouses if they so desire.

I'm almost thinking of this as a "must drive" catalog. Once we scratch each road off the map, then we can add additional roads that aren't as well known.

I'm not expecting a large group. Maybe 5 - 15 cars at most. Nothing too crazy. If it grows after a few seasons, then maybe split it up.

I'm your next door neighbor in Chicopee!

Basically, this is a condensed version of what I do on a yearly basis. So I figured why not include some other enthusiasts. I'm keeping it casual and doing the drives, picking a meeting spot and just going with it!