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They are 2 completely different cars. It has always appeared to me that the M3 was a bumped up 3 series. You get all the features and comforts of the 3 series, now with more power, handling and appearance. (Even though M division tells you differently haha)

The GT-R is a purpose built performance car. Designed only with performance in mind. Interior and creature comforts are all in the car as a last minute thought. The leather inst even real , but the interior is still better than anything american. Not up to BMW standards of course. It is a car built on the soul mind set of blowing your mind. Every time I drive it, I still cant believe it is actually made by Nissan.

The GT-R will never appear to badge fanatics. Why do I know this? Because I also own a GT-R. I will tell you that no one on the GT-R forum owns a Aston Martin or a Bentley. lol Maybe a few exist, but I have never seen them! The surprising thing on the GT-R forum is that a majority of owners that have GT-Rs came from Vipers, Ford GT's, Z06's, Turbo Gallardos GT3's ETC. The extensive garages of users on there blows my minds. Especially the guys in the middle east!

There are very few people that make the switch from an M3 to GT-R. Why? Because most of them are looking for a daily driver. The GT-R is not a daily driver. Its is still brutal. I wont discuss refinement, interior, looks. My Carrera GT has the most basic stripped interior you could imagine, but some people seem to think it is "out of this world" because of exposed carbon fiber. Me, I would rather have leather, but that was not what the car was designed for.

The GT-R does something my Carrera GT, Ford GT, and R8 will never do, inspire you to drive it harder to the point you break it. It inspires so much confidence that you can literally push the car to 110% of its capability without any fears. Perhaps that is why people say the car is numb. It doesnt try to bite your head off or put you in the wall. The Carrera GT and Ford GT will do that! Those are cars I feel I have never been able to drive at more than 50%-75% their potential. I am the limiting factor in their performance. Nissan has overly refined the performance of the GT-R to make it so neutral and compliant that some purists will say it is numb.

I honestly believe the M3 is more deceptive in its "handling" The BMW's all have heavy steering feel. That is BMW. From my M3 to 750, they all have heavy steering and that reminds you of a very tight and grippy track car. Every person that has driven my M3 seems to comment about it in the first 5 minutes when pulling out of a parking lot.

If you can afford it go for it! Too many people on here say they would buy "this or that" for the money. New, Used, whatever it may be, no one elses opinion matters until you get in the drivers seat and how it makes you feel. I personally would never own an Aston Martin, Maserati, Jag, 911 (other than a GT3), or any car with a soft top. I think you can tell by my tastes
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